Sunday, December 06, 2009

Help Others Gain Salvation . . . It's Easy

Good morning, Spiritual People!

Are you feeling motivated this morning?

I hope so. I know that I am!

Beginning in 2006, I had the privilege of being asked to conduct a global contest to help find more effective ways to assist in attracting more people to gain Salvation through the intercession of the Holy Spirit by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and following Him. I offered this contest as a Christmas gift to God. The winners were announced just after Easter 2007.

As part of that contest, I offered to help write two books about what the winners were doing. Since then, I've been writing up a storm working with the contest winners.

The first of those books, Witnessing Made Easy: Yes, You Can Make a Difference is now available for free on-line access at

The book explains how any church (from the smallest to the largest) can accomplish 400 times more witnessing than it does now at little expense. Isn't that wonderful?

The changes needed are simple ones: Identify an anointed in-congregation evangelist to teach and encourage witnessing for five minutes in each church service and activity. From that beginning, almost everyone in the congregation will write a testimony, learn to share the testimony in writing and orally, begin to distribute books of the congregation's assembled testimonies, and support inexpensive witnessing training of the same sort in foreign lands. The book explains how.

Many people estimate that hardly any Christians witness to anyone outside of their own families despite Jesus directing us to share our faith through His Great Commission. With these changes, you can expect that 40 percent or more of the congregation will be witnessing to non-family members every week. The number of people who gain Salvation soars. The book also demonstrates how much people enjoy witnessing of the sort that is encouraged by the book and provides lots of practical advice about how to overcome fears and shyness.

The book tells how a typical church of 200 worshipers has helped hundreds of thousands of people to find the Lord. Wouldn't you like to do the same?

If 10,000 churches heeded this call, there would be the greatest revival in history. Wouldn't that be an awesome way to honor God?

If you like what you read, share the book with your pastor and your Christian friends in other congregations.

The book won't be available for sale for a few weeks yet, but we wanted to offer access to an online version now as our Christmas gift to you this year.

May God bless you, your family, and all you do in the name of Jesus!

Donald W. Mitchell
Chairman, Mitchell and Company

Copyright 2009 Donald W. Mitchell

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