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Pray for Howard Stern to Accept Jesus

Bill Keller wrote a devotional today that I recommend to
you for your consideration. It has food for thought. He
has given me permission to copy his e-mails, and I'm sure
he would be happy if
you would share this with people you
know as well.

Too often we tsk, tsk over people who promote sin and
leave it at that. Instead, we should pray for them to
find Jesus.

Today, Bill Keller takes a look at Howard Stern and how
we might help him follow the example of Saul of Tarsis
in becoming the Apostle Paul.

I would like personally thank Jesus for healing my ailing
right shoulder that has been very painful for 18 months.
I was scheduled to go the doctor on Monday, but on Sunday,
June 4, I listened to two healing services . . . and
during the prayer for healing in the second one my pain,
stiffness and loss of movement all disappeared.

Thank you, Jesus!

Since then, I had a dream in which I finally realized
how I had hurt my shoulder . . . so now I won't repeat
that mistake.

Thank you, Jesus!

Please read on.


( 1 John 4:17, Acts 9:29, Acts 19:8 )

The influence of Howard Stern. Stern, the self
proclaimed "king of all media," is a genius at using the
media to pollute our culture with his views on life and
God-hating form of "entertainment." The reality is,
Stern has found a HUGE audience of people who are looking
for "something" in life, living their lives void of God
and Biblical Truth, and have gravitated to a voice like
Stern's. Stern will be paid $500 million by Sirius Radio
to bring his program to that subscription radio service.
They are not paying him that kind of money because they
like his brand of humor or agree with his views on life,
they are paying him that kind of money because he is
bringing them an audience!!! Whether you like it or not,
Howard Stern has an influence on our culture and the lives
of millions of people!

I'm not here today to bash Howard Stern. Actually, I
pity the man. On a recent interview he stated he was in
therapy 4 days a week. His personal life is in shambles
and all of who he is, is tied up in his public persona.
Howard is betting all his chips on these few years of
life and is not only going to lose that eternal bet, but
is losing during this life as well. Having dealt for over
15 years with men like Stern, I will assure you that
privately he would trade in the homes, the money, the
fame, for just a few days of true peace and joy. Sadly,
he keeps looking for that peace and joy in the things of
this temporal world, when they only come from having a
personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pray for Howard. Jesus died for his sins just like He
died for your sins and mine. Without Christ, Howard will
spend eternity in hell, forever separated from God his
Creator. I am asking you today to please take a few
minutes and pray that Howard Stern will come to a place
in his life where he will acknowledge the Lord's love for
him, repent of his sins, and ask Jesus Christ into his
heart and life by faith. Paul got saved, why can't
Howard Stern?

Part of what drives me each day to do what God has called
me to do, is someone like Howard Stern. Stern has simply
tapped into the power of the media to espouse his sick
humor and views on life, and found an audience in those
who are living their lives void of God and any Biblical
Truth. His loyal following is made up of people who are
looking for "something" in their life. Well, we know the
"something" they are looking for isn't found in the sick
mind of Howard Stern but in the Truth of God's Word and
the love of Jesus Christ!

Listen to me carefully my friend. Stern is simply proof
of what I have been sharing with you for nearly 7 years
now. The masses are out there. Hurting. Looking for
answers. Looking for hope. We, those who know Christ
as our Savior have the answers they are looking for and
have the hope they desperately want. It is our job to
take those answers and that hope TO THE LOST AND HURTING
MASSES! Now more than ever this world needs the Truth
found in God's Word and the love of Christ. As those who
possess that Truth and love, it is our responsibility to
bring it to them!

If you had a bag of food and you saw someone who was
starving, what would you do? Of course, you would give
them some food! If you had a bottle of water and saw
someone who was dying of thirst, what would you do? Of
course, you would give them some water! A guy like Stern
who can generate the kind of following he does is living
proof that there are millions of people out there hurting,
looking for answers, and needing hope. We have what can
heal their hurts, answer their questions, and give them
hope for this life and for all eternity. It is up to us
to reach them!!!

Every day, literally 24/7/365, Liveprayer is reaching
these masses through the internet and on secular TV. I am
reaching every day the same people Howard Stern is! Every
day we see people turning from the lies of people like
Stern and this world and to the Truth of God. I don't
have the greedy secular media giants willing to partner
with me to take Christ to the masses like they will partner
with a guy like Stern to reach the masses with his garbage.
However, out of their greed they will let me use their
stations for a price. So instead of these media companies
paying me to reach people for Christ the way they pay
people like Stern to pollute the airwaves, I have to pay
them to use their stations to access the masses. But that
is OK because this way they can't dictate what I can and
can't say!

So for 40 months now on the Viacom owned UPN in Tampa,
for the last 12 months on ABC in Miami, Jacksonville, West
Palm Beach, the WB in Ft. Myers, PAX in Orlando, Liveprayer
has been seen "live" for an hour every Monday thru Friday.
We are currently reaching over 1/4 million people (90% of
whom don't go to church) each night with the Truth of God's
Word and the hope and love of Jesus Christ, seeing lives
transformed by the power of God, and having people make
the decision to turn from their sins and to Jesus! My
friend, the masses are out there, waiting for someone to
inspire and guide them. That someone can be Howard Stern
with his Godless views on life or it can be Bill Keller
with the hope of Jesus Christ!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Howard Stern is a
perfect example of someone who is using the secular media
to reach the masses each day with a message. Sadly,
Stern's message is one that is anti-God, anti-Bible, and
of false hope. Even sadder, people who are hurt, lost,
without hope, gravitate to a message like Stern's since
they live their lives void of God and Biblical Truth.
Most of them aren't evil people, they don't even hate God.
They are simply lost, don't know God, and are searching
for answers in life. Stern is just bold enough to tell
them he is their answer.

Why are men who live their lives in rebellion to God like
Stern so bold with a lie, when men who know Christ and
follow Him are so timid with the Truth? I refuse to sit
back and let Howard Stern or anyone like him broadcast
his filth and anti-God views on life without competition!
That is what drives me each day to get up, face all of the
obstacles I do, deal with the incredible pressures and
attacks that only God knows about, to bring His voice into
the marketplace and the lives of the lost and hurting

I pray today that more will rise up and refuse to sit
back and be silent while the Howard Sterns of the world
lead people into everlasting darkness. May you rise up
where God has placed you, in your neighborhood, on your
job, in your school, to share His Truth and hope with
those you meet along your journey. God has called us to
be His salt and light in this world. Don't just sit back
and silently let someone like Stern lie to people. Rise
up and be the salt and light God has called you to be.
You don't have to have a radio program, but can do it
right where you live your life each day to those God
allows to cross your path. THEY ARE NOT THERE BY ACCIDENT!

Please continue to pray for me and for Liveprayer. I am
only one man, but so was Paul. I refuse to lounge in the
comfort of my salvation while others are dying and going
to hell. Knowing I possess the words of life they so
desperately need and are looking for, FORCES me to action.
God has blessed Liveprayer over these nearly 7 years to
have a voice in the marketplace for Truth, and as each
day goes by, that voice becomes louder and more impossible
for the world to ignore. Two weeks from Monday it will be
bellowing Truth to millions more throughout this nation on
the "i" Network, formerly PAX TV. Thank you for helping
me stand next to someone like Howard Stern and expose the
false hope he peddles, while giving those same people he
reaches, the one and only Truth and hope there is....JESUS!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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May God bless you as you learn from this message!

Donald W. Mitchell, Your Dream Concierge

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