Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There Are No Coincidences with God

Good morning, Happy Souls!

Bill Keller wrote a devotional today that I
recommend to you. He has given me permission to
copy his e-mails, and I'm sure he would be happy if
you would share this with people you know as well.

I've been struck at how when I need help, it seems
to appear from nowhere . . . just in the nick of
time. Long ago, I decided that this was no
coincidence. Now, I just assume the help will be
there when I need it. I hope the same will be
true for you.

Please read on.


( Proverbs 16:4, 19:21 )

There are no coincidences with God. If there is one
thing the Bible clearly teaches, it is that there are
NO coincidences with God. There are so many outside
elements that you have no control over in your life,
starting with your birth, ending with your death, and
including everything that transpires in between those
two events. The reason I want to bring up this issue
today, is to give you the confidence and assurance
that everything that is happening in your life today
is part of His Divine plan for your life.

One of the reasons I stress so much to walk with the
Lord daily, be in the Word of God, pray, seek Him
each and every day, is so that you will follow His
plan for your life. You see, we can bring much
unnecessary pain and heartache into our life by
exercising our God-given free will to ignore God
and rebel. However, that does not stop God from
still being in control. When we are in rebellion,
when we are not on the path God wants us to be on,
that is when we miss the joy, the peace, and the
abundance this life can offer. That is when we
are missing the blessings of God in our life.

I want you to understand clearly today that it is
no accident you live where you live, you work or
go to school where you do, you recreate where you
recreate, or shop where you shop. It is no accident
the people that are in your life are there. You
see my friend, there are NO coincidences with God,
things just don't "happen." There is a Divine
purpose and reason for each and everything that
goes on in our life. That includes the good, and
bad things.

The natural question becomes, why? In many cases
there simply isn't an answer. Again, holding on to
the fact there are no coincidences with God, helps
us to build our faith during those times when there
are more questions than answers. It also should give
us the confidence and boldness to go out each day,
knowing that God has a reason for everything we are
experiencing in our life. Understanding what we are
going through each day is not an accident, but part
of His plan gives us the incredible freedom to live
each day for Him.

I realize that many of you are going through difficult
times in your life today. You are dealing with death,
illness, financial difficulties, marital problems,
issues with your parents or children, challenges at
work or school, the walls seem to be caving in all
around you. How this could be part of God's plan may
seem beyond comprehension. This was the same place a
man named Job found himself one day. In spite of
everything, he never lost his faith in God, and it was
part of God's plan to bless him abundantly.

We never know how God will deliver us from trouble,
how He will bless us. Our job is to hold on to our
faith, continue to praise Him in spite of the
problems we face, and know He will never leave us
or forsake us. The Bible tells us that there will
be times our faith is tested. It is at those times
our faith becomes real to us, and grows. We grow
more spiritually in the valley than we ever could on
the mountaintop. It is in the valley that we
recognize God as our only source of hope and learn
how to trust Him. It is those times in the valley
where it is just us and God that we realize how
much He loves us.

I love you and care about you so much. Know today
that God is with you, that nothing in your life is
an accident, and that God is in control. It is no
coincidence that the Lord has brought our lives
together at this time in your life. I want you to
know that I am here for you in your time of need.
I will be praying for you. God is still on His
throne, and in 100% control at all times. There are
no coincidences with God!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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May God bless you as you learn from this message!

Donald W. Mitchell, Your Dream Concierge

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