Friday, September 23, 2005

Attend On-Line Church Services to Improve Your Soul Better than a Billionaire

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When I was a youngster, our minister often came to dinner. That meant that we had extra guidance into God's way during the week.

Although no minister visits my Mom now for dinner, I think she misses that mid-week contact. She often attends church services on Wednesday night as well as her regular Sunday service.

When Tom Monahan, founder of Domino's, was at his peak as a businessman he withdrew from day-to-day operations to work on his relationship with God. He was rarely seen without a Catholic priest or two in his company. Mr. Monahan once told an interviewer that he had been in a constant state of Grace for many years. I'm sure that being accompanied by Godly people helped him with that.

In the New Testament, Jesus ran into a wealthy man whose wealth was getting in the way of his spiritual growth. Jesus advised the man to give away his wealth and to follow Jesus. The man couldn't bring himself to do that. In our wealthy society, we can allow our wealth to blind us to the spiritual path. Think how much worse this temptation must be for those who are billionaires.

How can we increase our contact with the great preachers who know the Gospel and explain it well?


My older son was visiting last weekend and asked me where he could attend church services with me. He described the kind of church he wanted to attend . . . one just like his home church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

After thinking about his request for some time, I finally came up with the obvious answer: Let's watch his home pastor preach live on the Webcast from that church.

We sat comfortably in chairs in front of the computer and attended the service together. It was a fine experience.


Our need for God doesn't end on Sundays.

1. Locate good sources of sermons that you find helpful.

I went to and searched for Webcasts of Sermons and came up with many sites that have thousands of free sermons on them. You can select by subject.

2. Listen to ministers and pastors you haven't heard before.

Even the best preachers I've heard are better on some subjects than others. Why not reach out to God through the most effective messages? By listening to more minister and pastors, you'll find better messages. Your soul will approve!

3. When your soul is troubled, seek out sermons that may help you.

While this is not as good as seeking personal counseling, it has to be God's way of making His Word more available to you.

4. Jot down the Biblical references and do more reading in the Bible in those sections after you listen to the sermon.

Most of us who aren't Biblical scholars just start in Genesis and read through to the end . . . and start over again. You can use sermons to help you find the references you need in time 0f troubles.

5. Invite others to join you in hearing the sermons.

My son and I had a nice discussion of the sermon last Sunday. I'm sure neither of us would have learned as much without the discussion.

6. Let a sermon be your choice when you are surrounded by temptation.

Some nights, it's hard to find anything on television that isn't suspect from a Christian point of view. But you may be in the mood to watch something. A sermon is a great choice!

7. Ask others what on-line sermons they like.

Your pastor or minister is a good source as are your fellow church-goers.

8. Encourage your church to make videos of your services.

This will allow you to hear sermons again that moved you.


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