Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Spiritual Benefits of Relaxed Weight Control

Good morning, Happy Souls!

Are you feeling motivated this morning? I certainly hope so. I know that I am!

Do you feel your best when you are overweight? I know that I don't. In fact, I am acutely aware at such times of feeling uncomfortable. My clothes are too tight. The seat is too small. My stomach feels bloated. You get the idea.

The worst part of those feelings is that the sensations often translate themselves in my mind into unpleasant thoughts about myself. The internal dialogue machine runs nonstop as I criticize myself. It's even worse than my high school English teacher who loved to run me down!

Imagine yourself feeling a little overwhelmed by your weight and all those negative internal messages. Now, try to think about God, peace, happiness, forgiveness and all the other spiritual subjects and states. I'll bet you're thinking about a hot fudge sundae instead. That's what I mean about being overweight. It takes you away from your soul's food which is nourishment for your spirit rather than your oversized waist line.

Anything that comes between God and you isn't good for you. Our purpose is to serve God. How can we serve God well when we're distracted by our weight?

The problem can become even greater if we obsess about our weight. Some people become even more spiritually distracted when they are on a diet. They feel rotten. They spend endless hours buying and preparing their meager meals. Even after they lose weight, they criticize their appearance when they look in the mirror.

A better approach is to focus on your spiritual side and spend as little time as possible thinking about your appearance and your body shape. Find a healthy way to eat that you can follow for the rest of your life (something like South Beach rather than Atkins) and simply do it. At some point, you will start feeling better physically, you'll look better, and the spiritual focus will help eliminate all those nasty cracks you used to make to yourself. What could be nicer?

Here's one piece of advice. Visualize God surrounding you with an energy field of goodness that will help you eat in a healthy way and reach and maintain a healthy weight. Then pray to God to help make that happen.

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