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Good Friday Is a Good Day to Seek Salvation

Good morning, Happy Souls!

Bill Keller wrote a devotional today that I
recommend to you. He has given me permission to
copy his e-mails, and I'm sure he would be happy if
you would share this with people you know as well.

On Good Friday, we remember Jesus dying on the cross
to redeem us from our sins. This story is one we
should think about every day. Thank you, God!

Please read on.


(John 3:16)

make many big decisions throughout your life. Where you
will go to college, what career you will have, who you
will marry, having children, are just a few. However,
there is no decision that you will make during your life
greater than where you will spend eternity when this brief
life is over.

The Bible teaches us that tomorrow is promised to none of
us and that each day is a gift from God. When you die,
your body will go back to the dust of the earth as God
mandated, but your soul, the part of man made in God's
image is eternal. Where your soul spends eternity is a
choice each individual who lives will make during their
life. It is God's desire that ALL come to repentance and
none be lost. He sent His Son Jesus to die for the sins
of all mankind so that thru faith in Jesus man could be
reconciled back to God and have the assurance of
everlasting life with his Creator.

My friend, nobody who is honest will dispute that they will
die one day, and nobody who is honest will dispute they
commit sin. We ALL sin and fall short of God's glory and
it is our sin that separates us from a holy God. GOD LOVES
YOU! He is willing to forgive you of your sins if you will
simply ask Him. There is nothing you have done in your
life that God won't forgive you for if you ask Him. He does
not want to see your soul perish for eternity, but wants you
to spend your eternity with Him.

Please, take a few moments, the most important few moments
you will ever spend and read the following few paragraphs.
These words can literally change you for all eternity. I
am praying for you!

For God so loved the world, HE GAVE. Today is the day that
we celebrate one of the greatest events in human history.
We celebrate today the death of our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ, God's gift to the world. Today is truly a day of
rejoicing. Because of this gift from God, we can be
forgiven of our sins and reunited with our Creator for
eternity. So much of what I deal with each day in this
Devotional is to help you walk through this short journey
here on earth victoriously and productively. But we must
never forget that our time here is very short, and there
is an eternity waiting for us when this journey is completed.

I want to focus for just a minute on this most special day,
to that split second when our life on this earth is finished
and we are launched into eternity. Do you have the
assurance this very moment that when your life is complete,
your eternity is going to be spent in Heaven with God your

If the answer to that question is anything but a resounding
YES, then let me just share this simple truth with you.
You see, our God, our Creator so loved this world, so loved
His creation, that He sent His Son, His only Son to be part
of this world. Jesus had one mission in this life. It
wasn't to be a great teacher, though He was a great teacher.
It wasn't to be a great prophet, though He was a great
prophet. It wasn't to be a great miracle worker, though He
did work many great miracles. No my friend, Jesus came to
this world to perform only one die.

You see, the reason it was vital for Jesus to be
immaculately conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a
virgin was so that He was not infested with the same
problem you and I are born into this life with, sin.
Otherwise, the best He could have done was to die for His
own sins. Jesus lived on this earth for some 33 years
before it was time to complete His work. That work was
finished on a cross on the hill called Calvary where He
hung, and then died as the perfect sacrifice for the sins
of this world. That is why, whosoever believes in Jesus,
shall not perish, but have everlasting life!

Believing in Jesus is the only way to be saved because it
was Jesus who died for our sins. There are no other ways
to be saved, no other roads to God, there are no other
plans of salvation!!! This is God's one and only plan to
reconcile His fallen creation back to Himself. This is
the only way that you can escape eternity apart from the
God who created you in His own image. It is through His
grace and by your faith in Jesus Christ!

There are many incredible mysteries in the Bible. There
are many doctrinal issues that will never be fully
understood until we are in Heaven. But God made the most
important decision of this life very easy and simple to
understand. He gave every one the same opportunity to have
their sins washed away and be assured of an eternity in
Heaven. That is why we celebrate Good Friday today. That
is why we put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

The most important decision you will make in this life is
not who you will marry, or where you will live, or what
kind of job you will have. The most important decision
you will make in this life is to accept Jesus Christ as
your personal Lord and Savior. If you have not done that
yet, the Bible says that TODAY is the day of salvation.
I would invite you to go to, . Pray to ask God to
open your heart, read the words, pray the prayer, and
accept today God's gift to you this Easter season, the
gift of everlasting life through His Son Jesus.

I love you and care about you deeply. For those of you
who already know Christ as your Savior, I would encourage
you to forward this email to someone that you know who is
lost and without hope this Easter. What better present
to give someone than the opportunity to know Jesus as
their Savior and God's free gift of everlasting life. I
pray that you will take time today to focus on the gift
that God has given to us in His Son Jesus. He gave His
very best gift to us, which is why I will continue to
encourage you each day to give your very best to Him.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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May God bless you as you learn from this message!

Donald W. Mitchell, Your Dream Concierge

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