Thursday, December 01, 2005

Forgive Your Enemies to Live a More Beautiful Spiritual Life

Good morning, Happy Souls!

Are you feeling motivated this morning? I certainly hope so. I know that I am!

How do you know who your enemies are? Usually by the fact that they accept that label for themselves. In other cases, other people physically or verbally attack you.

Does it make you feel good to have enemies? Even reading the word "enemies" makes me feel like I want to be a turtle withdrawing into my shell. All of my defensive and passive instincts are aroused.

But that's not good for me. I'd rather live thinking about beauty, love, spiritual joy and accomplishment.

What choice do I have if I have enemies? I can choose to see the "enemies" as people I forgive and love. Then, I can go back to
thinking about beauty, love, spiritual joy and accomplishment.

When I go to the Bible, the instructions are even clearer. Whether it's the Lord's Prayer or Jesus's explanation of how to live the good life, we are told to love and forgive one another.

Psychologists also tell us that you will notice and help attract that which we don't want if we focus on it. If we think about having enemies who make us fearful, chances are we will notice more people to make us feel fearful. If we think about forgiving and loving everyone, we find easier and better ways to forgive and love.

Forgive your enemies . . . to help yourself.

Could a billionaire do better? I doubt it.

Money doesn't influence our ability to forgive. If we highly value money and have lots of money, we may even find it harder to forgive those who trespass in regard to our money.


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